Basements will give a home inspector great insight into the overall condition of the home.


A capped vent pipe will lead to slow drains. This was found during a home inspection on a new home that was missed by the town inspector.


Fireplaces with loose bricks or open mortar joints can allow for the rapid spread of fire. A pre purchase home inspection can help uncover some of these potential problems for the buyers.


Inspection services for home buyers will discover things like "do it yourself" irrigation systems can lead to a potential cross connection.


Vinyl asbestos floor tiles were used in the 60's & 70's. As a home inspector we will identify and give recommendations for remediation to potential health hazards.

Bundled Flues

A home inspection can reveal safety concerns like improper drafting on major appliances with the potential for combustion gases to enter the home.

Disconnected Dryer Vent

Found during a home inspection for a condo. The disconnected dryer vent in the attic can lead to excessive humidity and lint build up. (potential fire hazard)

Bathroom Fan in Attic Issue

Bathroom vent fan discharging into attic area. Home inspectors can help find ways to improve existing problems and recommend upgrades.