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Radon Gas

EPA & Radon resources

Lead Paint

MA Trial Court Law Libraries Lead Paint Pathfinder
MA Department of Public Health
Childhood Poisoning Prevention Program
Property Transfer
Lead Notification
To find out if your home or prospective new home has been tested for lead paint, CLICK HERE.

UFFI Insulation

The UFFI program has been discontinued and the statute concerning air testing was repealed on 11/08/02; information on former air testing results and removal contractors is still available.

Private Wells

New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services

Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection

Title 5 in Massachusetts

Wood Boring Insects

National Pest Management Association
MA Pesticide Bureau


Mesothelioma & Asbestos Awareness Center– Information resource on asbestos and cancer.‚Äč
Article: Asbestos Awareness for Home Inspectors and Homebuyers
Mesothelioma Causes – an up-to-date resource for all asbestos issues ranging from occupational exposure to mesothelioma cancer symptoms.
Mesothelioma Guide


Indoor air quality


Sick Building Syndrome resources

Environmental Health Center
Jeff May Indoor Air

Health House (American Lung Association)

The Home Inspection & Construction Web Site, by Dan Friedman

Electromagnetic Radiation Hazards

Potassium Iodide

The drug potassium iodide (KI) may provide additional protective measure to prevent any adverse effects that might occur to the public if exposed specifically to radioactive iodine during such an accident at a commercial nuclear power plant.

Code Check

Hiring a contractor

EIFS Information

EIFS Facts
What is EIFS?
DRYVIT “EIFS” Stucco Class Action Settlement
Exterior Design Institute EIFS 3rd party inspectors

Polybutylene Piping Information

Swimming Pools, Hot tubs and Spas

Federal Pacific Electric Information

Aluminum Wiring Information

Appliance Information
Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers
Home Appliance Magazine Buying Guides

CPSC Recalls

More home specific recalls

Home Fire Safety
MA Department of Fire Safety

Carbon Monoxide information

MA Consumer Guide for Carbon Monoxide Alarms
MA Carbon Monoxide Safety Flyer
MA Carbon Monoxide Regulations

Home Maintenance and Repair

Household Products Database

Tenant Resources

MA Sex Offender Registry Board

Check the neighborhood before purchase

Directory of Official City & Town Government, Schools & Departments

Moving resources guide to home safety

Mass Realty

Mass Realty article