Chris has given a very thorough overview of what to expect before the inspection date. He also emailed all of the documents ahead of time, so that there were no surprises.
On the day of the inspection, Chris came to the house even earlier and had already looked around by the time we got there. He spend his time going over every single detail of the outside and inside of the house, pointing out everything that was either out of order or not compliant, or presented a potential safety hazard. He also recommended possible solutions for most problems.

The timing of the inspection was very critical for us, and Chris sent us a full report the same evening as promised.


"I am pleased to recommend Mr. Christopher Feroli and his company of A Quality Home Inspection Inc. for anyone who might wish to hire an inspector regarding a potential home purchase. He was so thorough each step of the way, clearly explaining everything to me for what was good, what might need updates or changes, what needs to be repaired soon, etc. I was confident that I understood everything during the inspection process to consider the potential purchase. Beside supplying a full copy emailed to me for my computer I asked for a separate paper copy of the report which I could read and underline at my leisure. The bound paper report was massive and very professionally done with easy reference to each category I wished to look up and re-read. I would feel confident to recommend him to inspect any property. He is courteous, friendly, and accommodating. He was a pleasure to do business with."


He and an apprentice thoroughly inspected a condo on which I had an accepted offer.

He was excellent. He is very detailed and takes his time--which is to the customer's benefit! He pointed out things large and small and had excellent advice on how to take care of any issues he saw. He was also very personable and easy to talk with/ask questions.

He was early to the appointment and had already begun his inspection, which was great. He took his time to make sure he explained what he was doing and that I understood it. He was great with the fact that there were a lot of people there to see the inspection and do other things and was very patient.

He inspected the outside/roof/landscaping/deck/walkway etc first. He then worked his way through the interior of the condo in a very systematic way, covering everything from flooring to ceilings.

I would recommend him to others and he came highly recommended by my agent and a co-worker who had also recently used his service in a home purchase.


Inspected a single-family property in Plymouth, Massachusetts, on which my wife and I have made an offer to purchase. He evaluated the condition of the home and its operating systems, including electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems, as well as its structural integrity.

It went very well indeed. The home inspector devoted over three hours to the process and answered all questions thoroughly. Before the end of the day he emailed me a detailed report of the inspection, totaling more than 100 pages. He subsequently answered numerous questions by phone regarding conditions cited in the report. He was always detailed in his answers and descriptions, and nothing less than professional in his manner and concern.


I couldn't ask for a better experience. Christopher and his apprentice came half an hour early to survey the grounds and take notes on the exterior before we arrived. He then went through everything in minute detail, explaining every little flaw with the home, the severity of the issue and how hard it would be to remedy the problem. Counter intuitively even though the house was in great shape, the report we received was 100 pages long, because that's how thorough he was at documenting every little thing from cracks in the driveway to the age of the thermostat controls. After his inspection, we felt we could buy the house with confidence knowing everything of importance about it and even how to take care of the little issues that it had. I would use him again in a heartbeat and recommend him to anyone.


Second time using Chris. He really opened our eyes on what to look for the first time we used him last fall. He is happy to share his vast knowledge building practices with you and answer the most basic layman's questions.

While we have agreed purchasing this house, I don't expect to use Chris again. :) I plan to recommenced him to anyone who is planning to by a home.


Was researching on an inspector to strictly do a Radon test on my home. When I bought my house in 2011 never had one done, thought it was time to get one done ASAP. I looked up A Quality Home Inspection and left a voice mail on Chris phone within half hour from my phone call , he was at my doorstep with the radon kit !!! Very personable explained everything to a T and made sure I understood instructions. I'm truly beyond words of a Phenomenal business this is !!!:). Highly Recommended in my books!!!!!! Thank you Chris very much

Strictly for radon test kit performed within 48 hours in my basement and I mail it in after forty eight hours


Christopher Feroli came out to inspect a house I had an offer on (and ended up with). He was very easy to get a hold of and schedule service with. He was there earlier than we had said, and had already done a full walk around for an initial perspective on the property when i arrived. He showed and explained to me what he had noticed. We then did a full tour of the property, inside and out, for a total of 2.5 hours. He explained everything as we got to it and took digital pictures, as well as what should be done to correct it. Nothing major came up, but many small things. Every question I asked he had a full knowledgeable answer in response. The base price for his services was $500, but I also paid for Radon testing, which he (and many others) recommended as well as water quality testing for my well. By the end of the day, he had a very detailed pdf version of the inspection report emailed to me. It included all the problems that surfaced his recommendations, the digital pictures with captions, and descriptive sections on how systems work in general.


Thank you again for the extremely thorough inspection, along with the in depth report! We are very pleased with your services and will certainly be making recommendations accordingly!

Justin P

Thank you very much, you were a great home inspector, will spread the word and give you an excellent review.

Aimee and John F

Thank you so much for your help and your comprehensive report. We thoroughly enjoyed working with you and found the process to be stress-free and informative thanks to you. We will be happy to recommend you in the future and will let you know if we have any questions going forward.

Thanks again!


Thank you so very much for service provided to me and Sam on Saturday. We appreciate the thorough inspection and the knowledge that you provided to us about the property. We really like the report. We think you did an excellent job and will refer your name if someone needs an inspector.

Thanks again.

Betty and Sam