General Home Inspections Don't Cover Everything

With that in mind, schedule water quality inspection and radon testing services in the Barnstable, Mashpee or Falmouth, MA area

Although home inspections can reveal serious issues, they aren't designed to uncover every possible flaw with a home. Luckily, A Quality Home Inspection, Inc. offers specialty services to give prospective buyers in the Barnstable, Mashpee & Falmouth, MA areas a better understanding of the properties they're thinking about buying.

Consider arranging for...

  • Water quality inspection services, to make sure your well water is safe to drink
  • Radon testing services, to find out if your household is at risk of radon poisoning
  • NPMA-33 wood-destroying pest inspection services, to comply with FHA and VA loan requirements

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You can't detect these hazards by yourself

Radon is a colorless, odorless and tasteless radioactive gas that can only be detected with specialty equipment. We have the test kits required to detect this gas, so turn to us for radon testing services in the Barnstable, Mashpee or Falmouth, MA area.

Well water may contain contaminants like heavy metals and harmful microbes. We recommend testing, samples can be taken during inspection and brought to a lab for further analysis. Contact us today to schedule a water quality inspection.